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Fezile Dabi

Centre News

About the centre

Fezile Dabi District Teacher Development Centre (DTDC) is situated at Kroonstad (Moqhaka Municipality) in the Fezile Dabi District. The centre is the hub of local support for continuing professional development of teachers.

FD- DTDC’s primary focus is to address teacher development needs and provide training venues and facilities. FD-DTDC comprises of an academic team and support team who work closely together for enhancement of teaching and learning in the District.

The centre provides a comprehensive range of programmes and services to improve the quality of teaching and learning in the district. We collaborate with Curriculum, Government and Management, Inclusive Education and other sections in a variety of sets to enhance classroom instruction and create innovative pedagogy.

The centre is servicing all 240 schools in the district depending on the identified needs; the furthest is approximately 250km. There are however 59 schools which are within reach of the centre; the radius of the furthest of these is 75 km.

Services rendered
Teacher Development activities (for school based and office based teachers)

  • Coordinate and support all curriculum teacher development activities.
  • Sign-up and orientation of teachers on CPTD Management system.
  • Provide teacher development programmes on ICT, Information skills and utilisation of resources in the classroom.
  • Library support at the centre and at school level.
  • Site where teachers access shared resources.

Learner Development activities

  • Career Guidance activities, Role Modelling Sessions, National Science Week and so on.
  • Grade 12 extra classes.
  • Provide ICT skills to youth and learners.
  • Provide venues and facilities for training and meetings.


  • Provide equipment and resources to schools (Digital content-Mindset and so on, Hey Maths and models
  • Provide mobile bus and site based library services.
  • Internet access to teachers, office based teachers and learners.
  • Outdoor facilities for sport
  • Provide venue to Secondary client e.g. Other Departments, NGO and CBO’s.
  • Issue newsletter quarterly


Management of the centre
DCES: Centre Manager: Mrs Potsane
SES: 6 Professional Staff
Support Staff



Facilities Capacity
Conference Room (Main hall) Block A 80/100 people
Conference Room 2 Block C (AET Hall) 45 people
Lecture Room 1 (Cd 49) 50 people
Lecture Room 2 (Cd 50) 36 people
Lecture Room 3 (Cd 51) 36 people
Lecture Room 4 (Cd 52) 20 people
Lecture Room 5 (Cd 41) 32 people
Computer room 1 28 people
Computer room 2 24 people
Small boardroom 18 people


Opening hours

Opening time- 7h30 Closure- 16h00
Clients are required to book the venue well in advance. Opening after hours and during weekends is per prior arrangements.


Contact the centre

Physical address Phone numbers On line
c/o Murray and Brandt Street
Kroonstad 9499
056 216 3800

Centre manager: Mme Disebo Potsane
082 785 9318