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E-Learning & DTDC Digital Content Distribution Strategy

E-Learning & DTDC Digital Content Distribution Strategy

In addition to the ICT professional development of teachers, the FSDoE e-learning and DTDC unit also has the mandate to develop and distribute digital resources. The increase in access to computers has led to a greater need for electronic educational content at school level.

There is an overwhelming amount of subject matter available via electronic media, but the content is not always suitable in the South African context, nor is it necessarily packaged and categorized in a way that teachers can quickly get what they need.

Hence the need for digital subject material to be selected, adapted and presented in a format that is easily navigated not necessarily by computer and web experts but by ordinary teachers. This will avoid time consuming and sometimes fruitless searches for suitable subject content.

In light of this need, the E-learning and DTDC unit has collaborated with VVOB and Breadbin Interactive in the sourcing and delivery of digital content (text, pictures, sound & video) via customised kiosk-style distribution points. Using a touch screen interface, users can choose from pre-selected OERs, preview it and then copy the content onto CDs, DVDs or USB flash drives. The Kiosks content can be updated in real time. It also allows multiple devices to connect via an open wireless network. These devices include mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

Kiosks with preloaded, vetted and curated content are now installed at each of the DTDC centres. Teachers are welcome to explore the wealth of content available and are also encouraged to submit resources they deem valuable to be uploaded to the kiosks.

Please direct any queries to your ICT coordinator at your local DTDC or make contact with the provincial office:

Randall J Pienaar | DCES: e-Learning & DTDCs|Free State Dept. of Education

(051 447 0039 | Fax: 086 519 4180 | Cell: 082 701 3777|Skype: randall.pienaar

5th Floor, Room 528 | Trustfontein Building | St Andrew Street | Bloemfontein | 9300

Map: OfficeLocationMap

Written by : Xhariep

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