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Innovation in Teaching

Innovation in Teaching

21st Century Learning Design

This enthusiastic group of teachers attended the 21st Century Learning Design (21CLD) course that forms part of the Microsoft Innovation Training programme.

Teachers were trained on 21st Century skills that would help them to design and implement lessons and projects as part of their teaching programmes. The 21st Century skills that were trained in are:

  • Collaboration - Designing lessons where learners work in structured, role-assigned groups.
  • Knowledge Construction - Designing lessons where learners are encouraged to construct their own knowledge instead of simply receiving knowledge.
  • Self-Regulation - Designing lessons where learners take responsibility for their own decisions during projects.
  • Real-World Problem Solving - Curriculum-based lesson are redesigned to allow learners the opportunity to identify, address and possibly solve real issues in their communities.
  • ICT in Learning - Designing lessons where the use of digital devices are integrated into learning.
  • Skillful Communication - Designing lessons where learners not only decide on appropriate communication methods, but also including multiple modes (text, video, images, etc.) when communicating.

The teachers who attended this course were encouraged to enter the National Teaching Awards competition in the ICT Category. The main objective, however, was to change the way lessons are presented to bring teaching and learning into the 21st century.

Please contact the ICT Coordinator, Rowan Herring, at should you wish to attend this course in future.

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Written by : Xhariep

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