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Centre News

Xhariep Learners at 2017 Language Festival

Learners and teachers from schools in the Xhariep District are taking part in the Provincial Language Festival for Primary Schools Learners!

The Festival is taking place at the President Hotel on 07 and 08 September. Learners are participating in Spelling Bee, Reading & Book Review, Poetry and Debate activities.

The Language Festival forms part of the Literacy Week running from 01 to 07 September. According to the MEC for Education, Hon. Tate Makgoe, "The Language Festival aims to improve literacy skills among primary school learners."

We wish our young participants all the best!

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Parent's Join National Book Week!

In today's session, parents were invited to join the National Book Week activities.

IMG 20170907 WA0010

Staff from the DTDC and teachers assisted parents to help their children with reading and other homework activies.

The teachers and parents also developed strategies for further cooperation that would improve learner attainment.

Thank you to those parents who took the time to join today's activities!

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National Book Week is taking place from 5 to 11 September 2017.

Join FUNDA BALA in making South Africa a reading nation by sharing the love of reading with those around you. National Book Week’s #READ_A_BOOK campaign is about getting South Africa reading and everyone can do something to get more people reading and to celebrate the magic of books.

How do schools get involved?

Encourage the schools in your district to take part and get involved in the #READ_A_BOOK campaign.
Learners can dress up as their favourite book character.
Set time aside to have fun with books through animated storytelling and book reading.
Invite elders in the community to tell stories.
Create your own activities for

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Change Leadership for ICT Integration


School Management Teams (SMT) from schools in the Mohokare and Letsemeng Circuits are taking part in the Change Leadership for ICT Integration course, developed by SchoolNet South Africa.

The focus of the course is to prepare the SMT to implement and manage the introduction and integration of digital devices at their schools.

The course started in August and will run until March 2018.

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Air force base visit

Visit to air force base: National Science Week

Learners from our district enjoyed the privilege of visiting the Bloemspruit Air Force Base as part of National Science Week acitvities. Two majors from the airforce explained how a fighter helicopter operates. Learners were also able to get up close to this awesome aircraft.

The staff from the airforce base strongly emphasised the need for learners to perform well in Mathematics and Science to pursue careers in the South African airforce. The learners were informed of the many career opportunities available in the airforce.

IMG 20170830 WA0005We hope this visit will inspire a new generation of pilots and engineers in aeronautics!

National Science Week


The Xhariep DTDC arranged for learners from our district to visit various institutions of science and technology during National Science Week in August this year.

Learners were taken to various Photo Voltaic plants where they were shown how sustainable energy is produced through solar power. Learners were hosted by officials from ESKOM and ENEL Green Power. Learners also enjoyed the opportunity to question the officials about possible career opportunities in this industry.

IMG 20170829 WA0003Thank you to those schools who participated, and a special thanks to ESKOM and ENEL Green Power for their kind assistance!

WOW Spelling Festival

The Words Open Worlds spelling fest is an initiative by the University of Stellenbosch to help improve learners' language and spelling abilities.

The festival took place in the Xhariep District for the first time this year, where 14 schools and approximately 250 learners (Grade 3 to Grade 10) participated!

Well done to those schools and learners who participated!



Tablet Training in Philippolis


Teachers from the three schools in the southern Free State town of Philippolis attended training sessions to complete the Intel Education: Tablets in the Classroom course.

These teachers were teachers were trained in the following:

  • Navigating, storing and sharing documents and information using an Android device
  • Finding, installing and evaluating educational apps
  • Integrating tablets into their curricula and using tablets for electronic assessment
  • Managing the integration of tablets in the classroom

Many of the teachers stated that the course helped them to overcome their fear of using digital technology in the classroom.

We at the Xhariep District Teacher Development Centre certainly look forward providing further support to this enthusiastic group of teachers!

Interested in attending the course? Contact the ICT

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Innovation in Teaching

21st Century Learning Design

This enthusiastic group of teachers attended the 21st Century Learning Design (21CLD) course that forms part of the Microsoft Innovation Training programme.

Teachers were trained on 21st Century skills that would help them to design and implement lessons and projects as part of their teaching programmes. The 21st Century skills that were trained in are:

  • Collaboration - Designing lessons where learners work in structured, role-assigned groups.
  • Knowledge Construction - Designing lessons where learners are encouraged to construct their own knowledge instead of simply receiving knowledge.
  • Self-Regulation - Designing lessons where learners take responsibility for their own decisions during projects.
  • Real-World Problem Solving - Curriculum-based lesson are redesigned to allow learners the opportunity to identify, address and
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World Book Day

World Book and Copyright Day 2017

23 April was first proclaimed as World Book and Copyright Day by UNESCO in 1995.

This day is observed by millions of people in over 100 countries, in hundreds of voluntary organisations, schools, public bodies, professional groups and private businesses. In this lengthy period, World Book and Copyright Day has won over a considerable number of people from every continent and all cultural backgrounds to the cause of books and copyright. It has enabled them to discover, make the most of and explore in greater depth a multitude of aspects of the publishing world: books as vectors of values and knowledge, and depositories of the intangible heritage; books as windows onto the diversity of

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Library Week 2017

The Library and Information Association of South Africa (LIASA) is celebrating South African Library Week from 18-26 March 2017 with the theme

“My Library, Your Library“

and sub-themes: “My Library, My Home”, “Mind your Library” and “Tell me about your Library”.

The theme “My Library, Your library” takes libraries into the heart of the community and strives to awaken a sense of ownership in each community member. Although not recognized as such, a library nourishes and sustains its community so this theme encourages and motivates members of our society to reflect on the role and value of libraries in their lives. The theme encourages people to take libraries to heart and to treat these as their homes so that destroying

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Xhariep District celebrates top achievements!

The Xhariep District kicked off the 2017 academic year with Start-Up workshops held for the various phases.

The Xhariep District's achievement were highlighted by the Director, Mr MJ Mothebe. The Xhariep District celebrated with the following achievements:

  • Top performing district in the Province!
  • Top performing circuit (Mohokare) in the Province!
  • Second-best performing district in the Country!

This certainly contributed to the Free State Province achieving the top spot in the country.

Last year the District's motto was "Xhariep learners deserve better: Act now!". Given the 2016 Grade 12 results, this motto has been changed to "Xhariep learners deserve the best!"

Everyone in our District will certainly work to ensure that our learners receive the best.

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Intel Tablet Training
Staff from Lere La Thuto Secondary, Zastron, attended the first part of the Intel Education: Tablets in the Classroom training course. The teachers were treated to a short workshop on the use of the E-Beam interactive system that allows any whiteboard to become an interactive one.
The teachers were ably assisted by Mr Wynand Viljoen from the Central University of Technology (CUT). As an experienced user of the E-Beam system, Mr. Viljoen was able to share innovative tips and tricks to make lessons more interesting, captivating and more fun for both learners and teachers.
20170127 164130 800x600
20170127 144927 800x600
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E-Learning & DTDC Digital Content Distribution Strategy

In addition to the ICT professional development of teachers, the FSDoE e-learning and DTDC unit also has the mandate to develop and distribute digital resources. The increase in access to computers has led to a greater need for electronic educational content at school level.

There is an overwhelming amount of subject matter available via electronic media, but the content is not always suitable in the South African context, nor is it necessarily packaged and categorized in a way that teachers can quickly get what they need.

Hence the need for digital subject material to be selected, adapted and presented in a format that is easily navigated not necessarily by computer and web experts but by ordinary teachers. This will avoid

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TeachMeets in Xhariep

The Xhariep DTDC has hosted its first TeachMeets!

TeachMeets are informal meetings where teachers share resources, tools and best practices to enhance teaching and learning.

Three TeachMeets were held in Koffiefontein, Springfontein and Rouxville, mainly focusing on the services and support provided by the Xhariep DTDC and resources available (for free!!) for examination revision on the Vodacom Digital Classroom website (

For those who missed out, more TeachMeets will be arranged next year.

20161026 141021

Reading for their Future!!

logo large trans

The FunDza reading project is running at full steam in the Xhariep District!

Learners at Reikaeletse Secondary School in Koffiefontein participated in a reading session on 28 September 2016.

Learners were asked to listen to a story that was read to them while following the story in their books. Thereafter, learners were asked to highlight three sentences from the story that made an impact on them. Learners were also asked to draw a mindmap displaying 10 words that reminded them of the story content. The aim of the exercise was to improve learners' ability to read with comprehension, a skill found to be difficult amongst many learners.

.nomangesi 002 "The FunDza Literacy Trust is a South African nonprofit dedicated to improving

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Craig Wilkinson visits our Centre

Craig Wilkinson, the founder of the Father A Nation (FAN) programme, visited the Xhariep District Teacher Development Centre to address male teachers on topics related to fatherhood and masculinity.

Mr Wilkinson (pictured second from the right, next to Centre Manager, Mampho Mxaka) develop the FAN programme to develop men into excellent fathers and positive role models.

Another important challenge that FAN aims to address is the vast number of orphans and vulnerable children as well as sibling-led households who survive without positive and inspirational role-models. FAN trains and empowers men in their communities to act as mentors and surrogate fathers to those children.

Mr Wilkinson’s visit to Koffiefontein was initiated by Mr Ian Burns, an educator at Luckhoff Combined School.

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