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Digify Bytes

Digify Bytes

40 young adults attended the Orlando Pirates Learning Centre for the day to learn about digital marketing and to empower themselves in an aim to becoming more employable.

Digify Bytes is a one day training programme aimed at giving thousands of young learners and job seekers a short, sharp shot of digital marketing skills. The programme is delivered by young digital professionals. Digify Bytes is designed to open a new world of opportunities, where digital skills provide an advantage—both personally and professionally.

The session was offered at no cost to participants as they attend the Learning Centre based in the Orlando Stadium on a regular basis. The participants will receive certification for attendance and completion of the training programme three months from session date.  The target age group is 16-30 and aimed at helping unemployed youth to become more employable.

This is just one of the many programmes the Orlando Pirates Learning Centre runs for the youth in the community around Soweto. Programmes on offer include learners development programmes, unemployed youth empowerment and teachers professional development among many others. To date the Learning Centre has seen over 5000 students, adults and teachers pass through its doors doing its part to empower and educate the community.


Written by : Orlando Pirates

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