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Mediation of e-Content for School Year 2017

The Mediation of e-Content for School Year  2017

The e-Learning Directorate has planned training sessions on:

  1. LED Smartboard usage (how to use the the device to deliver lessons)
  2. Accessing e-Content (e-Books) and how to best use them for the benefit of the big audience - the classroom .
  3. Accessing Multmedia content (Audio-visual materials and videos) to enhance teaching and learning.
  4. Tablet usage in the lesson delivery situation.

Teachers from the 30 full ICT Schools will be grouped into subject offerings, e.g. Mathematics, Life Sciences and Physical Sciences and their session takes place in Room 28, on 6 December - 8 December 2016.

The other groups will be informed of their session in early January 2017.


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