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3Day Centre Managers Training onManaging and Leading Education with Digital Technologies.

During the 3 day of training a lot of information was communicated. We as Centre managers were introduced and exposed to new technical ICT terms to familiarise ourselves with terms used when managing and leading educational technology. This training was an eye-opener to what is required of us as the departmental agents of change in our school communities. Therefore the information acquired in the training @ U.J. Campus has been profound and is going to assist us in improving service delivery in our Centres in empowering our leaners and youth in ICT skills.

Accessing resources to disadvantaged schools and communities in our centres will contribute to today's needed computer literacy skills. The oppurtunity afforded to Centre managers by DBE in partnership with Vodacom and Microsoft in partnership with U.J. for managers to register with study ICT Post Grad. Diploma will add a huge value in capacitating our learners,communities and officials at our centres.

This is going to contribute on the development of the personnel and other stakeholders as well as marketting the Centre to other organisations and institutions of higher learning who utilise the Centre .

Thank you once more to DBE and partners for going all out there to make our centres, Centres of competencies in our communities among other organisational intitutions.From this training moving forward Lamontville will never be the same in terms of providing ,leading and managing education with digital technologies!!!!!!!!!!!!

Written by : Lamontville

UJ Course for Centre Managers
What a course we have been exposed to. As a Centre Manager this has been a huge milestone. Ours now is to get going by getting to our colleagues in schools and try to introduce them into a paperless era. One really has to be dynamic and move with time. Thanks to DBE and Vodacom for affording us this opportunity to be spearhead change in our poor communities.
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