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Operation Phakisa

Operation Phakisa

Operation Phakisa is a South African methodolgy which was taken from the Malaysian government with the aim to achieve service delivery results within the shortest period of time. Operation Phakisa started with the ocean economy, then moved to the Health Department and then to the DBE for Operation Phakisa ICT in Education.

The aim of Operation Phakisa ICT in Education is to actualise e-education and achieve that within a reasonable immediate time frame.

Operation Phakisa ICT in Education is focused on five streams: e-education, IT lifecycle management, Teacher Development, Digital Content  and connectivity. 

Ndwedwe Education Centre has already started rolling out Operation Phakisa. We have done advocacy programmes for our Manco, Ndwedwe CMC, ICT coordinators and all district officials. We are doing this advocacy to migrate to digital technology and be part of the 21century technology developments in terms of curriculum delivery and development. 

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