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Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 9.03.02 PMOur Vision for South African Education publishes the dreams of future teachers for our education system and can be downloaded here. 10 August 2017 – The Education Conversations provides South Africa with a space for debates and discussions to collectively contribute to a well performing education system. For the July edition of the Education Conversations future teachers were invited to actively join the debate as well as express their dreams for the future of South African education in an essay, a number of which have been published in a booklet that can be downloaded here.


Reflections on NDP Schooling Vision 2013

The Education Conversations is an initiative by Kagiso Trust and the University of Johannesburg (UJ) aimed at encouraging the country to talk and create space for debates and discussions through which diverse voices can be heard focusing on what works and how to collectively advance the agenda for an improved and performing public education system.

Based on the Schooling Vision 2030 (PDF, 221KB), which is part of the National Development Plan (NDP), Education Conversations has asked society to engage on ‘our vision for South African education’. In addition to the general public, Education Conversations has given room for the voices of the teachers of the future, current education students at the UJ Soweto campus.

Over 100 students have completed the assignment to articulate their vision for education for the next ten years. Eight of these aspiring teachers have contributed their assignment for publication in Our Vision for South African Education – Driving Education Conversations and Solutions.

Their dreams vary from fostering self-reliance and economic activity, embracing individual learners with their creativity and uniqueness, as well as improving literacy and mathematics education for better outcomes for learners and their future after school.

Our Vision for South African Education – Driving Education Conversations and Solutions can be opened and downloaded by clicking here (PDF, 5.3 MB). This is zero-rated for Vodacom users.


Engaging the Deputy Minister in conversation

Koketso NthimbaneBoth at the event and in his essay Education Honours student Koketso Nthimbane calls on his fellow students to be agents of change and get involved in research. At the Education Conversations event that was hosted on 25 July at the UJ Soweto Campus Deputy Minister of Basic Education Enver Surty was present to share his ideas for the future which rely heavily on the digitisation of education through improved connectivity and the availability of digital textbooks that allow for interactive engagement with the content.

The Deputy Minister mentioned the 147 District Teacher Centre Development Centres (DTDCs) that assist with ICT skill development for teachers nationwide. The information and contact details for these DTDCs can be found here.

The UJ education students actively engaged with the Deputy Minister on their ideas for the future and the parties agreed that teachers are a key foundation to build a strong education system that adequately prepares the learners for their professional lives after school.

Appreciation for the important role of teachers, continous professional development and less administration were listed as crucial for keeping this foundation strong.


More information

For more information about the Education Conversations and the Kagiso Trust please visit the website and follow #EducationConversations via Facebook and Twitter.


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