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Hour of Code workshop for Primary School Learners.

Hour of Code workshop for Primary School Learners.

Learners from Keidebees Intermediate School attended an Hour of Code workshop on 5  December 2016.

SchoolNet SA has been commissioned by Microsoft to facilitate 100 Minecraft Hour of Code workshops at 50 schools for a total of 2 500 learners - all within the time period of Thursday 1 December – Saturday 9 December 2016.

We were requested if we want one of these Microsoft sponsored sessions we will need to have two back to back sessions for approximately 25 kids a session so that we can train 50 kids in about three hours per school. Another request was to indicate dates of availability and whether we would prefer their sessions in the morning (9am – 12noon) or the afternoon (1pm – 3pm).

Due to the timing, most of the student were already at home after the exams. The plan was to keep the students busy after completing their final exams. Only 12 learners were available on the planned day.

Actually, anyone can run an Hour of Code session using the online tutorials which can be found here:

And the facilitator guide and PowerPoint decks can be downloaded here:

So even if you aren’t part of this project please give it a go and share what you are doing using #HourOfCode!

Written by : Bennett Johannesen

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