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Working togetherAs teachers we hope to engage learners in our subjects’ content in such a way that they do and submit their homework in time. And then we get disappointed to see the learners doing homework at the last moment at school and in other teachers’ classrooms.

For my Economics class I decided to try a different approach and to make use of Padlet. This is a collaborative teaching and learning tool, where a teacher is able to create a board where learners can post on and be able to see what the others have also contributed. The teacher creates the board and gives the learners the link and they click and post .

The task I had given the class was to share their ideas and thoughts on an economic issue that had been happening in South Africa, and told the learners to find articles to support their case and share them with the class.

I created a board on Padlet for the students to post ideas and support their case and set a time limit: any posts after the specified time would be considered null and void. Using Padlet helped in getting their responses in time and to check whether they understood the current issues in economics.


Hulisani (23) BEd Honours student at the University of Johannesburg in STEM Education. 


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