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Lady Frere Regional ICT Resource CentreThe Lady Frere ICT Resource Centre during renovations.

Centre News

The Lady Frere regional ICT resource centre in the Eastern Cape services a poverty-stricken region with high levels of unemployment. Many households survive on social grants, while others have to resort to migrant labour and subsistence farming. These distressed social conditions have a deep impact on education in the towns and villages of the region. The Vodacom regional ICT centre will be of great benefit to education in Lady Frere, helping to close the digital divide – a common problem in rural areas.

The Lady Frere schooling district is divided into seven circuits, and contains a total of 162 schools, 139 of them general education and training (GET) schools and 23 further education and training (FET) schools. Educators working there have identified a number of challenges facing education in the area, including:

  • A lack of computer labs and accompanying educational software.
  • In those few schools with computer facilities, educators struggle to integrate ICT into teaching, learning and assessment and to make proper use of the educational software they have available.
  • As tuition should not be disturbed, it is difficult to find time to provide educators with developmental training.
  • There is a lack of telecommunications infrastructure in the region.
  • As educators who leave the profession are not replaced, there is a lack of teaching capacity. This results in multi-grade and multi-phase teaching, particularly in primary schools.
  • There is a particular shortage of teachers in the critical subjects of Maths, Physical Science and Accounting.
  • All of these problems are borne out in matric candidates’ high rate of failure. Educators also say their students are not motivated and unwilling to take ownership of their learning.


Plans for the centre

The ICT resource centre is next door to Lady Frere Junior Secondary School, and near an informal settlement that is home to many jobless people.

The centre is managed by Ms P Mjobo, who is the Deputy Chief Education Specialist TLTE in the Lady Frere schooling district. This involves e-learning, Maths, Science and Technology Education (MSTE), library science and research. She is currently also responsible for the Education Management and Information Systems (EMIS) project in the district.

Ms Mjobo’s programme plans for the centre include:

  • Developing and improving the ICT skills of Lady Frere schooling district officials, educators and the community at large through a series of workshops and training sessions
  • Accommodating adult basic education and training learners, as well as GET and FET learners from schools in the district.
  • Serving as a library and internet cafe for the local community.
  • Serving as an ICT laboratory for use by teachers, learners and district officials.
  • Training teachers and subject advisors in integrating ICT into teaching and learning.


Opening hours

Monday - Friday
08h00 - 16h30


Contact the centre

Physical address Phone numbers On line
147 Faku Street
Lady Frere
Emalahleni Local Municipality
Eastern Cape
Latitude: -31.301 Longitude: 27.236<