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Centre News

About the centre

The centre acts as a hub of information for teachers, subject advisors, learners and out of school youth. One of the main purposes of the centre is to assist the teachers in their preparations by providing reference materials to enrich their lessons and by equipping them with computer skills to use in their everyday practice. Teachers will be able to search for information for their own enrichment as lifelong learners so that they may write /present meaningful assignments, research papers, etc.

The centre is be useful to the out of school youth who will be assisted on how to write meaningful CVs, how to search for information in the internet, etc.

The centre serves as a telematics centre for the six neighbouring FET schools. Learners, teachers and subject advisors view broadcast lessons live from University of Stellenbosch on scheduled dates.

The Department of Basic Education in collaboration with the British council will be conducting APTIS Assessments and the Eastern Cape Department of Education uses the centre as venue for the up-skilling programmes and examinations for FET Maths and Science teachers through NMMU University.

Management of the centre

Name Rank Contact numbers

Tenza R.T.

DCES - TLTE O76 225 0808
Matela A.P. SES - e-LEARNING 082 335 3900
Mdlandkomo L.L. SES - EMIS O82 335 8217
Lurwengu K.E. SES - MSTE 082 2535 351
Soga S. ADMIN.- EMIS 083 218 2327


Opening hours

The centre is open from 8h00 - 16h30. 


Contact the centre

Physical address Phone numbers On line
Mt Frere District Office
Baqwa Street
Sophia Township
Mt Frere, 5090