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Centre News

About the centre

The Mthatha ICT Resource Centre is situated in the district of Mthatha, Eastern Cape within the premises of the Education Leadership Institute (ELI), commonly known as Trinset.

The ELI is surrounded by Mthatha Shell Ultra City, Southridge Park, Sidwadwa View, Zimbane & Payne location. ELI is close to the Walter Sisulu University - Zamukulungisa Campus.

The Campus Manager for ELI is Mr S. Fuzile and Mr V. Sigodi is the centre manager for the resource centre and eLearning specialist. A Microsoft intern whose name is Abongile Mona is always in the centre looking after the material, conducting training and welcoming all those who visit the centre.

The centre is open to Department of Education officials, teachers from all Mthatha District schools and neighbouring districts, school going learners, out of school youth and the community at large.
It has 30 working laptops, Wi-Fi and internet connectivity.

At the centre we offer online and offline trainings, workshops, online material, internet and more. Soon the centre will be able to host video conferencing for the district.

Activities are offered as follows:

  1. Teachers accessing information and registration of online courses. Vodacom e-Content
  2. Training of teachers by eLearning specialist on how to download Mindset videos and content for all grades and subjects from Vodacom Digital Classroom and You-Tube and distribute these to schools.
  3. Training teachers, SMT, in school youth, out of school youth, and community on Microsoft Online Courses; Basic skills, Standard and Advanced digital literacy. This is conducted by the elearning specialist and the Microsoft intern.
  4. Training teachers on ICT skills using Microsoft Partners in Learning Teacher Professional Developer by the elearning facilitator.
  5. Train teachers and officials on how technology /ICT integration on subject specific enhances teaching and learning. This is organised and conducted by the elearning facilitator in the centre.
  6. Training of educators on using Microsoft online tools and other educational tools and sites like Thutong portal, Digital classroom, e-School, Khan academy by the elearning facilitator and the Microsoft intern.

All the courses and trainings are advertised using a centre flyer that is issued to everyone. Also written and emailed invitations are used to organise the activities.


Opening hours

Monday to Friday from 8h00 - 16h30
Saturday from 9h00 - 13h00


Contact the centre


Phyisical address Phone numbers On line
Zamukulungisa Heights
Amendu Road
Mthatha, 5100
Eastern Cape
047 537 0462
072 047 2124