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Centre News

About the centre

The ICT centre at the Port Elizabeth District was officially opened by the MEC for Education in the Eastern Cape on September 11, 2014.

The centre is situated at the Port Elizabeth Leadership Institute commonly known as Algoa College because the facility occupies the Old Algoa Teacher College campus.

This gives the ICT centre a strategic position because the Institute is currently occupied by the District Curriculum Management and Support Unit, which constitute the hub of all teacher professional development and support in the district.

 Personnel and Management of the Centre

Strategically the centre exists and operates under management and leadership from the Chief Directorate: Educational Professional Services but operationally it is currently situated within the Curriculum Chief Directorate.

The centre is managed by a small committee under the supervision of the Chief Education Specialist: Curriculum Management and Support, who is the Head of the Curriculum Unit in the district. The committee consists of representatives from the Curriculum (GET and FET), Management and Governance as well as Education Support Services.

The actual operational management and implementation of programs pertaining to the ICT centre has been delegated to the sub-section Telecollaborative Learning and Technology Education generally referred to as TLTE, with the following staff members handling the responsibilities.

  • Deputy Chief Education Specialist: TLTE - Acting Centre Manager
  • Senior Education Specialist: e-Learning - Training facilitation
  • Microsoft Intern - Marketing, IT support and Training 
  • IT Support - District IT Technician and Assistant

For general administrative support the centre is dependent on the administrative personnel in the curriculum unit with one officer taking responsibility for management and safe keeping of movable equipment.


Facilities and venues
The centre consists of one room with 28 workstations, and a server room, but it is situated in the Media Centre Building which has other facilities such as the Library, auditorium and other venues that are used for teacher development workshops and meetings.

The centre provides users with access to internet connectivity via cabled Local Area Network as well as Wi-Fi connectivity

The following tools and facilities are available in the centre:

  • 28 workstations/laptops
  • Interactive whiteboard (working with e-Beam)
  • Printer
  • TV monitor with decoder from Mind-set
  • A server hosted in adjacent server room

Activities and Clients
Services at the centre fall within 2 main categories, namely access to relevant educational content online and professional skills development mainly

The main clients are education department officials both office-based and school-based educators.

While the intention is to serve a bigger community, contextual factors pertaining to housing, limited equipment and staffing, and the departmental demands on the facilities constrain the services currently to mainly departmental officials and partners in education.

The centre hosts district and Provincial professional development workshops focussed mainly on the following areas:

  • Integration of ICT tools available for education to Office-based Educators
  • Integration of ICT tools available for education to school-based teachers
  • ICT Skills for Teachers
  • Orientation of teachers and learners to useful educational materials
  • Introduction of teachers to online educational communities and networks
  • Access to online workshops/ webinars


Advocacy and Marketing
The PE ICT Centre uses the advantage of being situated within the curriculum unit to market its services to teachers through collaboration with the curriculum planners and advisors.


Opening hours

Monday to Thursday: 8:00 - 16:30
Friday: 8:00 - 16:00


Contact the centre

Physical address Phone numbers On line
Port Elizabeth
Desiree Felkers
041 409 3730
073 268 5651

Fax: 086 557 5540