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Grade 1 - Term 3 & 4: Reading and Viewing

  • eng millipedeChicken and Millipede is a tale of how chickens and millipedes were once very close friends but their friendship was ruined after a soccer game.

    Suitable for these activities:

    • Recognise cause and effect in the story
    • Read book as whole class with teacher
    • Identify the sequence of events and the setting of the story
    • Use cover of book to predict
    • Give opinion on what was read
  • eng book6Friends is an interesting story that can be used to teach foundation phase learners how to introduce people. It is about a boy who introduces his friends and tells us a little about their hobbies.

    Suitable for these activities:

    • Interpret pictures to make up own story
    • Recognise own name and names of peers
    • Copy and write own name, short words and sentences
  • English legsMaguru gives legs is a tale about how the animals got to have legs except one.

    Suitable for these activities:

    • Use pictures and the book cover to predict what the story is about.
    • Discuss the story, identifying the main idea and characters.
    • Sequence events in the story.
    • Recognise cause and effect in the story