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Grade 2 - Term 3 & 4: Shared Reading

  • eng book1The Big Blue bus is a story about a young boy who was eager to ride the Big Blue bus to town with his mother but gets a surprise on the day of the trip.

    Suitable for these activities:

    • Recognize vowel diagraphs and diphthongs such as ‘oy’, ‘oi’, ‘ay’, ‘ai’.
    • Learn to spell ten words a week taken from phonics lessons and sight words.
    • Read a book as a whole class with teacher, identifying the sequence of events and the setting.
  • english bicycleNamu’s bicycle is a fun tale about Namu’s bicycle that gets stolen by an unfamiliar thief, Namu and his friend then venture out to find the bicycle.

    Suitable for these activities:

    • Use cover of the book for prediction
    • Identifies some synonyms and antonyms