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Grade 3 - Term 3 & 4: Phonics

  • eng eagleThis story is a tale of how the friendship of hens and eagles came to an end and why Eagles always eat baby chicks.

    Suitable for these activities:

    • Listen for the main idea and for detail in stories and answers open open-ended questions
    • Recognise consonant diagraphs at the beginning and end of words.
    • Recognise and uses spelling patterns – (igh-high, augh- caught)
  • english doveThis is a fun and exciting story were children go to visit their grandmother over school holidays. They tell of the fun things they get to do when at their grandmothers’ home.

    Suitable for these activities:

    • Tell a story using descriptive language, different gestures and facial expressions
    • Plan and make an oral presentation: tells personal news, describes something experienced
    • Recognise vowels such as -igh, -air, -are
  • english doveThis is one story that inspires that size does not matter and no matter how small you may be, you can still make a big difference. This is a story of how little ant saved dove from two boys who were planning to capture dove

    Suitable for these activities:

    • Listen to stories and express feelings about the story
    • Group common words into sound families