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Grade R - Term 3 & 4: Reading

  • eng book4Disability is not inability focuses on how people who live with disability are able to function and perform duties or work that other people would deem impossible for them.

    Suitable for these activities:

    • Use pictures to understand simple phrases and sentences in a book
    • Interpret pictures to make up own story
    • Name and point to parts of the body
    • Answer a range of questions based on the story read
  • my red ballMy red ball is a book that can be used to introduce learners to reading.

    Suitable for these activities:

    • Listen to and repeat rhythmic patterns and copy correctly
    • Match and sort things according to shape, colour etc
    • Match words to pictures in print
    • Recall details and state main idea
    • Make links to own experience when reading with the teacher
  • porridge Porridge is a fun book about a father who prepares porridge for his son in the morning before he has to go to school.

    Suitable for these activities:

    • Listen to stories and act these out
    • Listen and respond to simple questions
    • Talk about pictures in books