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shuters logoShuter & Shooter Publishers (Pty) Ltd. is based in Pietermaritzburg, the capital of KwaZulu-Natal - one of nine provinces in the Republic of South Africa. Shuters publishes both educational and general books. We are actively involved in the development of educational materials for the southern Africa market. Shuters' products include textbooks and teacher guides, literature works, supplementary readers and resource material for school, library and retail markets. We publish language courses and literature titles in most of the South African indigenous languages.

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Shuters E-Learning – More than just paper behind glass

Free ebooks

Shuter & Shooter eBooks are designed to keep young minds engaged in the learning process. Our already high quality, learner-focused material has been enhanced through additional tools and resources.
Our FREE Shuters eBook application includes features that will assist the learner with various activities in our books.

Shuter & Shooter eBooks allow learners and teachers the ability to interact with the subject material through the use of exciting interactive resources. Examples of these new features include animations, photo galleries, images, video and audio clips. These extra interactive resources are available when reading the book, without having to go online.

Fun, interactive quizzes and crossword puzzles let the learners test their knowledge and understanding of the subject material.

Our technical support team is on hand to assist and provide you with the necessary support required.

Cloud server
Our tailor-made Shuter & Shooter Cloud Server allows our customers to store and save revision notes, bookmarks and highlights that they have made on their Shuter & Shooter eBooks. This additional information will be synced and stored in the Cloud which is an online storage service so that all information is backed-up should your device break, be lost or stolen.


Clarendon Primary School

Shuters recently paid a visit to a Grade 7 Technology class at Clarendon Primary School in Pietermaritzburg to see how they use e-books in the classroom.





iPad Comp 2015



What platforms will the product be available for?
Android and Apple (iOS) Devices.

Are your books available in other application / document viewers?
Our books are available from Snapplify and IT Schools for other platforms.

What are the minimum device requirements needed to run the books?
The app has been developed on a fairly modest device to keep specification requirements to a minimum. A Suggested Minimum specification would be the Android platform version 4.2.2 or the Lenovo S6000 Idea Tab.

What will the cost of the application be?
The application is free and will be downloadable from the Google Play Store or the Apple iTune Store.

What will the cost of the books be?
The books will be the same price as the printed book. We know there is no print cost however there is a cost for the additional resources, cloud services as well as server and support costs.

Do I have to be connected to the internet to use my books?
Initially you will have to be connected when you purchase the book and download it. Once you have the book on the device you need not be connected to use it. While you are not connected your cloud services will store the data locally and once you get connected again it will sync your notes and information back to your cloud account.

Will teachers be able to make their own assessments?
In future they will be able to create their own digital assessments and send this out to their students. Certain questions will be marked automatically by the program saving teachers a huge amount of time and effort in not having to mark hundreds of questions that don’t require their attention.

What happens if the device gets stolen / lost / broken?
You simply unlink your licenses via the website to that device and activate it on your new device, all your books will sync back to your new device along with your notes and other information. (You won’t have to buy them again.) If you have any trouble with this process you can call our customer help line.

What is the file size of the application?
The size of the application is round about 20mb - 30mb

What is the file size of a book?
The sizes of the books vary from book to book and range anywhere from 10mb - 300mb depending on the amount of additional resource material within the book.

Are other publishers’ books available in your eduReader?
No, however we are considering opening up our reader to other publishers.

Does your reader block the user from using any other apps?
No, however we will be looking into this. There is third party software parents can use and we will gladly recommend parents / schools on a compatible service with ours.

If I want the book on CD, can I order it in that format?
No. All downloads go through our website, there is no other way yet to obtain our books besides the printed version.