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Centre News

About the centre

Masihambisane Education Centre is situated at Osizweni location at Amajuba District municipality Osizweni Ward. It is located inside the premises of Buhlebentuthuko primary school.

Masihambisane E.C. focuses on addressing teacher development needs by providing venues for workshops and meeting and facilities like laptops and I-box.

The centre accommodates workshops facilitated by all sub-directorates incl. TLS GET and FET, teacher development, district planning and SDSS.

It is also responsible for distribution of circulars pigeon holes and online distribution. The centre provides all the services of district as it is district extension.

The centre services 33 schools, 11 high schools and 22 primary schools. The location of the centre is semi-rural where some do have photocopying machines and internet. The centre helps schools without photocopiers by making copies for both administration and learners. 30 schools use the internet facility of the centre. The out of school youth and matriculants uses the centre's internet for online application for tertiary institutions.


  • Provide venues workshops
  • Distribution of circulars
  • Loan I-Box
  • Register candidates for Senior certificates and AET
  • Provide venue for Senior Certificate and AET examinations
  • Provide facilities for online applications to tertiary institutions and bursaries
  • Provide ICT skills for out of school youth and grade 12 learners
  • Internet access to teachers, office based teachers and learners
  • Site where teachers access internet
  • Provide venue to secondary users e.g. sister departments and NGO’s
  • Provide photocopying facility to schools


Opening hours

Monday to Friday from 7h30 - 16h00 


Contact the centre

Physical address Phone numbers On line
Plot A276
Osizweni 2952
082 978 5987
079 503 9285