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Centre News

About the centre

Ndwedwe Education Centre (EC) is a free standing EC situated behind Ndwedwe Local Municipality and the main road is P100 Ndwedwe.

We provide all related curriculum support material. We support and develop educators with relevant resources including digital resources like I box,data projector, IWB,video conferencing and a digital camera.

The EC has three seminar rooms used for meetings, workshops and training by department officials, educators, learners and other community stake holders like our local municipality, other sister departments,business sector, NGOs COBs,IEC and social partners.

It has three computer labs that are connected which are used by UNISA students and all other patrons visiting the EC.

150 schools in the area have access to the Education Centre and we offer programmes and opportunities for development and growth for our communities especially educators.

Services rendered at the Education Centre:

  • Basic computer skills programme
  • Provide IT support to schools
  • Provide internet access for schools and community /UNISA students
  • Hiring of the venue for meetings and workshops
  • Photocopying, facing,scanning and laminating
  • Career exhibition for grade 9 which is done on yearly basis
  • Provide library services
  • Provide for out of school youth programmes in partnership with our local municipality
  • Provide support for CAT examination
  • Community projects with NGOs
  • Matric intervention programmes and classes for out of school youth


Opening hours

Monday to Friday from 7h30 to 16h00
Sometimes the EC opens on weekends if needs be.


Contact the centre

Physical address Phone numbers On line
 P100 Ndwedwe Phone: 032 532 9580/1
Fax: 032 532 9582