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Ulundi Education Centre

Centre News

About the centre

Ulundi Education Centre (previously known as Prince Dabulamanzi Education Centre) is situated at Ulundi unit A, 762 Wombe Street.

We relocated from Ulundi Unit C to Ulundi Unit A towards the end of 2016. It is now a Free Standing Education Centre.

We are serving 166 schools and the whole of Ulundi community since we are the only education centre in the Circuit management. Our clients include mostly educators, learners, out of school youth and the community.


  • Lithography (Photocopying ,faxing, internet access, printing)
  • IT services
  • Computer Literacy training
  • Processing of library material for the Zululand District schools.
  • Library support to cluster schools
  • Downloading of previous question papers
  • Finishing school c/o Siphesihle Finishing
  • Out of school youth programmes c/o PC Training
  • Uploading of info by DOE officials
  • Loaning of Science Kit and i-Box
  • Matric intervention
  • Venue for workshops& meetings
  • Tertiary institutions Exams Venue
  • Distribution of circulars
  • CAO forms
  • Community Projects Support


Visitor facilities

Facility  Capacity
Boardroom 30
Subject specialists/officials waiting room 15
Consulting room 15
15 workshop/meeting rooms 40 each
Library 20
Vodacom ICT Resource Centre 30
Computer lab 30
3 Meeting halls   1x80, 2x120 


Opening hours

Monday to Friday from 8h00 - 16h30
Arrangements can be made for weekends and public holidays


Contact the centre

Physical address Phone numbers On line
Unit A
762 Wombe Street

P.O.Box 697
Ulundi 3838

Centre manager Masombuka Mbali Cynthia
082 3954 220

Tel 035 870 3971
Fax 086 774 0983