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Centre News

About the centre

Umzinyathi is a free standing education centre serving the needs of Ndumeni circuit schools, Umzinyathi District officials and community of Endumeni local Municipality.

The number of schools that have access to the Centre is 33

Promote professional development, reading and skills development to educators, district officials, learners and community around Endumeni Local municipality.

To provide facilities( venues,computers,library science laboratory accommodation) and services( computer training, library processing, meals) to professional learning communities, learners, educators, NGOs and other stakeholders.



1. AET Classes
The Centre host AET classes from level 1-4. Ms Buthelezi is the Centre Manager of AET assisted by tutors Mr. Msane and Ms Sithebe. It also serves as AET examination Centre

2. Library processing centre
Library books for Umzinyathi district schools are processed at the Centre by library assistants. Eight schools from Umzinyathi District have received full processed books by end of November 2016.

3. Accommodation for meetings and workshops
District officials and cluster schools educators use the Centre for meetings, workshops moderations and Saturday classes.

During winter and spring class learners are accommodated at the Centre dormitories Sister Dept. e.g. Dept. of Health uses the Centre to accommodate young boys during their M.M.C campaign.

4. Science laboratory services
Cluster schools use the science laboratory to conduct different experiments.

5. Library services
Cluster schools learners and Amajuba FET students use the Centre library for study purposes and research.

6. Access to the internet and computer classes
District officials, cluster schools educators and learners use the Centre computer lab to access the internet to download information, apply online and do research.

Different service providers use Centre computer lab to conduct computer classes.
22 lab assistant completed the End user computer training offered by Extensive Academy at the end of September 2016.


Opening hours

 Monday to Friday from 7h45 - 16h15


Contact the centre

Physical address Phone numbers On line

33 Tatham Street
Dundee 3000

P.O.Box 1653
Dundee 3000

Centre manager B.M.Sithomo
Cell 072 236 4946
Tel 034 212 2215
Fax 034 212 3223