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bannerhome6625 February 2014 - On 1 February Vodacom has begun the recruitment drive for the 2014/2015 Change the World volunteers. The Change the World programme runs since 2011 and provides individuals with the opportunity to volunteer their time and skills at a Non Profit Organisation. Interested people are invited to send in their applications before 31 March 2014.


What is Change the World

The Vodacom Change the World (CtW) programme was first introduced in 2011, giving individuals the opportunity to volunteer their time and skills to work at a Non Profit Organisation (NPO) for a period of 12 months. To date 40 volunteers with their 40 respective NPOs have successfully participated and each one of them has made a difference in the period that they worked with their NPO.

The Vodacom CtW volunteers have over these past years not only made a difference at their NPOs and the lives of their beneficiaries, but some have also realised that the world of social entrepreneurship is where they want to stay. The great achievements of the CtW volunteers over the past 3 years include:

  • More than 700 social workers have been trained who are making a difference to the lives of 152,000 people daily across the Free State Province;
  • The launch of the 'soup brick' concept (freezing soup into a brick and adding additional micronutrients after re-heating) in 2011 caught the attention of the White House and has since been implemented in India;
  • In 2011 more than R1.2million was raised for an NPO who's key focus is to assist people infected and affected by HIV/Aids;
  • One of the 2011 volunteers, who worked with an NPO focused on early childhood development, in 2012 started her own NPO that focuses on education of health of young children;
  • Director of Association for People with Disabilities, Free State;
  • The first isiZulu speech therapy application was developed to assist people who suffer from Aphasia to better communicate with care givers, family and friends;
  • The Stroke Foundation adopted the "Fresh Tips from Vintage Lips" as their national campaign in 2013 – this campaign was developed by a CtW volunteer;
  • Funding from an international airline was secured for the next two years;
  • 14 of the 20 volunteers from the first two years still continue to be involved in the NPO sector.


Meet some 2013 volunteers

January-2013-640x390Journalist Norma Young has chosen the LEAP Science and Maths School as her Vodacom Change the World NPO. LEAP schools provide student-centered, maths and science-focused education to economically disadvantaged students from grades 8 to 12. Norma aspires to be part of a team that creates an empowering learning environment for young people and has taken up the role of LEAP's public relations, marketing and fundraising specialist. Her project is the Fortunate 500 Club, LEAP's bold attempt to get donations above R500 thousand that will be matched by those of ELMA Philanthropies Services.

Chartered accountant Stephanie Venter is currently working for the Kliptown Youth Programme (KYP) in Kliptown Soweto, an organisation she was already involved with over the past 4 years. The objectives Stephanie and KYP agreed on focus on assisting Kliptown youngsters with access to further education and entry into the job market. The projects she's involved with include:

  • Career Centre which offers career guidance, preparation for entry into tertiary education and into the job market as well as job creation
  • Career Guidance
- which is a programme that helps school leavers to fulfil their dreams of studying further and helps them to fill the gap' between school and university
by offering personality tests and filling in the necessary forms needed for educational institutions
  • Job Searching
- a programme that enables school leavers and young adults to acquire skills that will help them to find a job e.g. dressing for success, writing of CVs and how to conduct yourself in an interview.


How to get involved

In order to be eligible to apply, interested people should find and agree with a suitable NPO that it has a need for your skills for one year. Together with the chosen NPO a plan should be developed on what to achieve within the year at the NPO. A suitable monthly salary and basic working conditions should be agreed with the chosen NPO for the period of the placement. Vodacom reserves the right to determine the final salary.

When selecting an NPO to get involved with please take the following criteria into account. The NPO needs to:

  • be a registered South African NPO or a Section 21/Trust with a PBO number (tax exemption from SARS);
  • be in existence for at least 2 years;
  • provide their latest audited financial statements (preferably unqualified);
  • not be in financial distress;
  • not be linked to any government organisation/individual; and
  • have 75% of their beneficiaries make-up/come from previously disadvantaged communities

Vodacom reserves the right to send its employees or agents to undertake site visits at the selected/chosen NPOs.

For more information and application forms please visit the Vodacom Change the World website.


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