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Pinotage academy 1Students at the Pinotage Youth Development Academy check the laptops that are part of the mobile ICT Resource centre17 April 2014 - In an attempt to help tackle skills development and job creation, Vodacom has embarked on an initiative to help empower the Western Cape Winelands youth with Information and Communication Technology (ICT) resources.

Vodacom Foundation in partnership with the Pinotage Youth Development Academy (PYDA) launched a mobile ICT Resource Centre. The purpose of this initiative is to equip and prepare the youth with ICT skills that support their studies in wine making. The youth will use the benefits of ICT to broaden their horizons in the field of wine making.

The Academy's objective is to transform the lives of young, talented South Africans who are struggling to access meaningful employment because they are prevented by circumstance and lack of opportunity.

Maya Makanjee, Vodacom Chief Officer of corporate affairs, says: 'This is Vodacom's contribution towards skills development and job creation opportunities for the youth. It is premised on the concept that the more skilled the youth, the greater their opportunity for employment.'

Pinotage Youth Development Academy's Nikki Munro says the Academy's programme is directed toward unemployed young people (18-25 years old) who show potential and motivation. The twelve-month programme, which commenced in June 2013, provides a combination of technical skills development, supported by practical placements on farms and personal life skills development. Successful students will then be work ready
and able to seek permanent employment.

'By providing industry-specific vocational training together with personal development and real, practical experience, the Academy's aim is to improve youth employability,' says Munro.

Last year, Vodacom embarked on a concerted drive to help empower unemployed youth with ICT skills training, which equipped youth with relevant skills to assist with the installation of IT equipment as well as provide instruction in high-end computer skills to the youth and community members visiting ICT centres that Vodacom has established across South Africa.

This is another effort by Vodacom and its partners to support skills development and job creation within the ICT sector.


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