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FB IMG 1429260249378 article23 April 2015 - The City of Joburg and mobile network provider Vodacom have set up an emergency operations service and centre that the public can use to report xenophobia related incidents via mobile phone and get an immediate response from the city.

Since April 15‚ the city has been experiencing xenophobic attacks in Alexandra and Jeppestown.

The city's public safety‚ communication‚ social development and disaster management divisions have established a joint operations centre which will help the city coordinate immediate responses to the xenophobic attacks.


How does it work

Via any network you dial *134*422# and you'll then see the following options: 

  1. Report Violence
  2. Report Looting
  3. Suspected Xenophobia
  4. Report Other
  5. Friend & Family Finder

After choosing an option you're asked to describe the incident and submit or to directly submit.

You will then receive a request to give permission to look up your location, this is confidential and is used to link your report to a location. For Vodacom and MTN subscribers this will be done automatically, for other networks you'll be asked to provide province, town and suburb.

Each reported incident with the descripton and location is then sent to the city's joint operations centre to take the necessary action.


Friend and Family finder

If you want to find out if your friends and family members who you suspect to be in a problem area are all right, you also dial *134*422# and select the "Friend & Family Finder" option under 5.

You will be asked to fill out your full name and your family member's cell number.

The system then sends an SMS to your family member telling them that: "[full name] wants to know if you are OK, please reply yes if you are, no if you are not or ignore the message."

The system receives the response SMS and this will be forwarded to you.

In case of a " not OK" response, your family member will be asked to give permission to look up their location. This location will be sent to you. You could then also assist by reporting the incident by choosing any of the other options.

In addition R10 airtime will be donated to the friend or family member on any network so they are able to stay in contact.