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Centre News

About the centre

Giyani Teacher Development Centre is situated within the Giyani Science Centre. The Science Centre was established in 1989 with the purpose of bringing science and technology closer to the communities around Giyani and other areas.

Later Vodacom introduced the Vodacom Computer Laboratory with free wifi and the educational websites which are zero rated for Vodacom users.

The Science centre is located in the South Western side of Giyani Section A, along the Stadium Road. It is within walking distance from the Giyani Stadium (700m).

The Vodacom Teacher Centre serves the Giyani Cluster of Circuits which consist of the following Circuits : Shamavunga, Groot Letaba, Klein Letaba, Man’ombe and Nsami. For convenience Sekgosese East is also included.

The Giyani Teacher Development Centre aims to service and equip communities with ICT skills. These include the Vodacom Digital Classroom, E-learning dashboard for learners, Mindset resources and many others in collaboration with DBE.

Visiting the Giyani Science Centre is like killing “many birds with one stone".  Besides getting ICT skills, visitors are exposed to other opportunities such as:

  • Career guidance
  • Sustainable development projects such as solar projects, a biogas generator using cow dung and the Fauna and Flora- project where people bring small abandoned animals for safe keeping.
  • National Science week where the Giyani Science Centre Staff identify a day during the National Science Week to visit faraway places, like Malamulele, Nkonwankowa, Sekororo, Phalaborwa and Lenyenye, to showcase what the Science Centre does.


Various groups in the community are assisted. These are

Principals -They are assisted with basic ICT skills. They are familiarized with the Digital Classroom, Mindset, Maths and Science resources. They need to know what is available for their schools so that they can support their teachers and the Centre.

Teachers - They are exposed to Vodacom Digital Classroom, Mindset resources and so many others. They are also assisted with basic ICT skills and registration with SACE. The educators need the resources and the skills so that they can integrate ICT in their teaching. This is the way to go these days. Teaching has been made easier with the resources that are available.

Curriculum advisors -They are exposed to Mindset resources, Vodacom Digital Classroom and Maths and Science resources. These are the people who deal with issues of curriculum and need to support the teachers in the integration of ICT with learning.

Learners - They are assisted with registration on the E-Learning dashboard. So many learners have smartphones which they can use in learning instead of spending their time chatting.

Circuit managers - They are exposed to the resources listed above so that they too know what is happening in the Centre. These are the custodians of schools and need the ICT knowledge to support schools better.

Youths -The youths are assisted with CVs, basic ICT skills such as creating emails. There are many unemployed youths around Giyani and the centre equips them with skills to give them a better chance of being employed. So many of them do not have computers at home.

There are three interns who assist in the computer laboratory with the teaching of computer skills. These are dedicated young people who are always in the computer lab ready to assist whenever there is a group of youths who need to be taught.


Opening hours

 Monday to Friday from 07h30 to 16h30


Contact the centre

Physical address Phone numbers On line
Stadium Road
Giyani 0826
Mahlaule Khazamula
082 940 3954/ 082 562 8118