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Centre News

About the centre

MASTEC is the teacher development institute in Limpopo Province, Polokwane, Seshego. It is fully funded and overseen by the Limpopo department of education. Its aim is to promote broad conceptual understanding, subject knowledge, teaching methodologies and skills in Mathematics and Science of Subject Advisors, and teachers in the context of NCS and CAPS.

Resources in the centre include:

  • Lecture halls
  • Hostels for Residential trainings
  • Physical Science Laboratory
  • Institute Library
  • ICT centre


Opening hours

 Monday to Friday from 07h30 - 16h30


Contact the centre

Physical address Phone numbers On line
Mastec Institute (Former Kwena Moloto College)
3838 Zone 2
Seshego Polokwane
Dr.Tsanwani AR or Mr Mello LJ
Tel: 015 223 5121
Fax: 015 223 5179