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Centre News

About the centre

The centre lies in the Eastern part of Limpopo, next to Letaba River. It is next to Nkowankowa Township, on the eastern part of the campus is Dan Village. The centre is 15km from Tzaneen Town, 6km from the biggest citrus farm in South Africa namely Letaba Estates where they produce Minute Maid juices. It is central to most schools and their circuits, it is presently housing three circuits.

The centre has already served the following circuits: Nkowankowa Circuit, Mafarana Circuit, Xihoko Circuit and N’wanedzi Circuit. It is presently in the pipeline to invite Khujwana, Thabina, and Shiluvani circuits. The centre also serves the MASTEC programmes. Some students from UNISA come to be assisted with downloading programmes and online registration. Some are helped with downloading registration forms of various institutions; even sports people like Road Runners do come for assistance to register for their races like Comrades, Two Oceans and others.

Teachers are invited to come and create email addresses, access Mindset educational programmes, Maths and Science Programmes, Vodacom Digital Classrooms etc. Some teachers at the same time are assisted with Basic ICT skills when they visit the centre. The Vodacom Teacher centre is presently managed by Machechise Cohen Shipalana Senior Education Specialist under the auspices of Mushwana Elon who manages the whole Tivumbeni institution.

Tivumbeni Continuous Professional Education Centre is geared for greater heights to enhance teaching and learning using technology. The centre is gradually growing up from its initial teething problems like lacking Internet, poor connectivity, malfunctioning of Wi-Fi. Coupled with its sister CPDs Makhado, MASTEC, Giyani Science Centre etc. provide strategic leadership in research, design and implementation of training and development of languages and Mathematics programmes within the satellite.


Opening hours

Monday to Friday 7h30 - 16h30. 


Contact the centre

Physical address Phone numbers On line
1729 Bankuna Road
Nkowankowa A
Letaba 0870
Shipalana MC
082 786 3371
082 409 4881