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Centre News

About the centre

Hazyview DTDC is a centre that organises, provides and coordinates access to ongoing support, in-service training and professional development for educators. It also creates learning opportunities for learners, teachers, out of school youth, subject advisors and the general public.

The centre is situated 24 km north of White River town and is 15km south of Hazyview town, next to Masoyi Police Station. It services 120 schools from 4 circuits namely White-Hazy 1, White-Hazy 2, White River and Insikazi.


  • Offer basic computer training
  • The centre loans out centre gadgets such as data projectors and screens and provides monitoring & support on code of ethics, CPTD for teachers.
  • Assist teachers and learners to access digital learning content through using ICT platforms
  • Assist teachers with electronic signup and reporting of PD Points to SACE
  • Train teachers on how to use Interactive whiteboard
  • Provide venues for meetings, workshops, PLCs meetings/ seminars, interviews and hosting departmental events.

Access to the programmes

  • Computer training is free of charge as well as accessing the internet. Questionnaires on skills audit is always sent to schools prior trainings.
  • Teachers visit the centre after contact time (afternoons) for assistance in CPTD signup and reporting of Professional Development Points to SACE.

Management of the centre
Centre manager:
Mr T. Mabilane
Support staff:
Administrative Clerk: Miss B. Malibe
General Assistant: Mr O.S. Shube
General Assistant: Miss Z.M Shabangu

Opening hours

Monday – Friday from 7h45 to 16h45
Open on weekend per specific request


Contact the centre

Physical address Phone numbers On line
Stand No 210
Phola Trust
Centre Manager Mabilane Timothy
013 798 3485
072 521 0842

Admin assistant Malibe Beatrice
076 222 8181