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Centre News

About the centre

The centre operates from the former Hoxani College of Education.

Mkhuhlu District Teacher Development Centre is an educational site that exist to provide access to educational resources, developmental programmes for teachers and create learning opportunities for learners, out of school youth, teachers, curriculum advisors/district officials and the general public.

Facilities and services rendered:

  • Free Basic Computer skills training.
  • Internet access 
  • Access to digital learning content for GET and FET in selected learning learning areas by Mindset, Mind the Gap study guides etc.
  • Assistance for SMTs and teachers with electronic CPTD sign up and reporting of PD points to SACE.
  • 2 Computer laboratories run by 2 ICT specialists.
  • A Life Science and Physical Science laboratories with 1 specialist deployed by MSTA through DST to assist learners in performing experiments and other science lessons.
  • 29 Breakaway rooms used as venues for workshops, meetings, interviews, hearings, study groups etc.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday from 7h45 - 16h15


Contact the centre


Physical address Phone numbers On line
Former Hoxani College of Education
Mkhuhlu 1242
Jacqueline Busisiwe Segooa
072 754 3271


Sinah Punah Malumane
063 759 1575