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Centre News

About the centre


To be the Centre of excellence in sciences and career guidance support by 2016


The Mondi Centre is committed in providing excellent support in sciences and career guidance to schools in the Gert Sibande District through:
• Sustainable partnerships
• Innovative, sustainable and quality service delivery in line with curriculum requirements
• Optimal utilization of resources.


Corporate values that the Mondi Centre intends to uphold for the next 5 years:

• Empowerment: The Centre is committed to empower learners, educators & community members through outreach and internal programs.
• Collaboration: Working in partnership with relevant stakeholders to achieve our strategic goals and objectives.
• Quality service: Expand access to quality career guidance, scientific and technological resources to ensure competency.
• Sustainability: To deliver long term sustainable service to all our stakeholders.
• Innovation: Constantly explore new ideas to enhance our strategic goals and objectives.
• Enjoyment / fun: To stimulate interest in science and technology through fun activities.


• To expose learners and public at large (adults) to the world of science through books
• To encourage research in STEM subjects and related careers by providing the relevant information to learners, educators and the general public through the library
• To introduce science to lower grade learners in ways that they can understand, enjoy and relate to e.g. story books.
• To encourage learners to choose science related careers.
• To support science teachers to improve the competence of science teaching especially doing science practical work at schools.
• To facilitate the sharing of Science equipment and resources from the Centre.
• To help teachers with Science concepts and in preparation for assessment of their learners.
• To improve self confidence in teaching sciences among science educators.
• To target the unemployed youth who will be trained in basic woodwork skills

Opening hours

07H45 to 16h15 from Monday to Friday

Contact the centre

Physical address Phone numbers On line
  017 826 5707/3