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Centre News

About the centre

Shongwe District Teacher Development Centre (DTDC) was established in 2006. It was named after tribal Chief Shongwe and it is located in the Nkomazi Area in the Nkomazi Municipality under Middleplaas community.

At the centre we offer venues for training workshops for teachers , for meetings, debates, and interviews as well as for hearings for conferences and for examinations.
The centre has equipment such as data projectors and white screens that it lends out to subject advisors when they conduct workshops for teachers.

A hub for organizing, providing and coordinating access to ongoing support, in-service training and professional development of teachers.


  • Creating an atmosphere conducive to assisting teachers in their on-going professional development
  • Effective utilization of all resources
  • Working in partnership with all stakeholders to organize, co-ordinate and support on-going in-service training
  • Assisting teachers in developing teaching and learning materials
  • Maintaining high standards of performance and professionalism and continuously improving
  • Working co-operatively in a spirit of trust, respect, and commitment with stakeholders.
  • Communicating openly and transparently
  • Providing a high quality service to all schools and teachers

Key values that Shongwe DTDC intended to provide at the Centre include:

  • Integrity: Employees ensure an uncompromising and predictable consistent commitment to honour moral and ethical values at all times.
  • Consultation: Managers and staff regularly consult with all internal and external customers to ensure client satisfaction at all levels of the Centre.
  • Accountability: Employees at all of the Centre have set service delivery standards that ensure accountability.
    Professionalism: Employees at all levels of the Centre are committed to the delivery of an equitable and efficient service to all stakeholders in education.
  • Innovation: Continuously strive to be creative and innovative in the service offered by the Centre in keeping with the 21st century.
    Transformation: Ensure equal access to service rendered b y the Centre.

Goals and objectives

  • To conduct formal and action research
  • To create an atmosphere conducive to assisting teachers in their ongoing professional development.
  • To work in partnership with all stakeholders to organize coordinate ongoing support and in- service training
  • To ensure teachers are properly equipped to undertake their essential and demanding tasks
  • To ensure that teachers are able to continually enhance their professional competence and performance
  • To ensure that there is a community of competent teachers dedicated to providing education of high quality, with high levels of performance as well as ethical and professional standards of conduct



Room Resources
Laboratory Science equipment and chemicals, mounted data projector, white screen,chalkboard and one air conditioner.
ICT centre 31 laptops, TV, data projector, video conferencing equipment, printer, interactive whiteboard, camera, two air cons, white screen and 31 tables and chairs and a chalkboard
Room 1 One air conditioner and a chalk board
Room 2 One air conditioner and a chalkboard
Room 3 Mounted data projector, white screen, one air conditioner and a chalkboard
Double classrooms Mounted data projector, white screen, two air conditioners and a chalkboard


Programmes offered at the Centre:

Shongwe2The Shongwe centre staff: Centre manager Mr Mavuso, Administration Clerks Miss Ntsangwane and Mrs Shabangu and General Worker Mr Khoza The main aim of the programs offered at the Centre is development or capacitating of all Centre clients in different aspects of development.

For teachers

  • Provide venues for workshops, meetings, study groups, examinations, hearings and interviews
  • Loan out gadgets and laboratory equipment
  • Train educators on Modlin Question Bank
  • Establish and update a database of educators' qualifications and training experience
  • Coordinate Science experiments trainings
  • Monitor & support educators on the Code of Professional Ethics
  • Monitor and support schools on curriculum management
  • Support all teachers on their Continuing Professional Teacher Development .
  • Provide Teachers with curriculum enrichment material, Textbooks and digital content (CDs for Grade 10 -12).
  • Provide access to the use of Internet to access information.
  • Provide Training on ICT integration for teaching and Learning.
  • Train teachers how to access information from websites.
  • Administer Diagnostic Assessment (APTIS test).
  • Support teachers on the use of Continuous Professional Teacher Development (CPTD) IS.

For learners

  • Provide access to the use of Internet to access information.
  • Online Registration at tertiary Institutions.
  • Provide Basic Computer Training.
  • Provide venues for meetings, study groups, examinations.
  • Assist with the creation of e-mails.

For the general community

  • Provide venues for meetings, study groups.
  • Provide Basic Computer Training .
  • Provide access to the use of Internet to access information.
  • Assist with the creation of e-mails.

For other departments and NGOs

  • Provide venues for their meetings and conferences.
  • Provide access to the use of Internet to access information.
  • Assist with the creation of e-mails.


Opening hours

Monday to Friday from 7h45 - 16h15
Weekends from 8h00 - 16h00


Contact the centre

Physical address Phone numbers On line
Old Shongwe High school
Government building
Shongwe mission 1331
013 787 6101
072 219 3571
072 628 5457
013 787 6100 fax


Directions to the Centre

NB:- From Pretoria N4 – Malelane.
NB:- From Johannesburg N12 join N4 in Witbank.

  • From the N4 to Malelane . From drive 2,4 km take R570 Jeppes Reef Road on the left (Samora Mitchel Drive) and then turn right immediately about 80M from the N4 turn off.
  • Then drive straight about 35km until you get a shopping Centre, a garage which Matsamo Plaza on your Left hand side (Driekoppies direction)
  • Then drive straight until you pass a bridge .
  • As you reach the summit of the river there are ANC offices on your right, look for the road immediately there .The direction will be Schulzendal and Shongwe Boarding School turn to your right.
  • Immediately on your right there are Taxis about 30m from the turn off you will see a gravel road, direction is Shongwe boarding School, use the road about 1km you be reaching the centre.