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CentreThe ICT Resource Centre in Ganyesa, North West

Centre News

Centre information 

The Ganyesa ICT Resource Centre is strategically situated at the rural village of Ganyesa in the Northwest province. There are 30 Secondary schools attached to this center of which 20 are located in Dr Ruth Segomotsi Mompati district and another 10 in Ngaka Modiri Molema district. It also serves the communities which are geographically situated closer the center.

Centre objectives

The centre is determined to achieve, but not limited to the following strategic objectives:

  1. To ensure the leverage of Institutional Curriculum Support to institution based educators.
  2. To ensure the effective functionality and performance of learning institutions.
  3. To render Institutional Management and Development Support to learning institutions.
  4. To ensure the implementation of literacy and skills development programmes/ projects.
  5. To ensure a supportive environment that will improve employee wellness in the workplace.
  6. To co-ordinate and facilitate the implementation of an inclusive education system.

Centre staff

Centre Manager - Ntsieni Avhashoni:
A professional qualified Educator, who served the Northwest Education Department since 1996, as classroom based Educator and Principal of Disipi Comprehensive School
Assistant Administrator - Moeng Thuso: Qualified as a management assistant at Vuselela College and was previously computer tutor at Kitlanang Middle School for Karstern Boerdery.
Assistant Administrator - Tirotsaone Selemogo: The third staff member, presently appointed at Kitlanang EDSC, was an intern at the Department of Education in DRSM district, where he worked with budgets. He is a B.Com Accounting and Auditing graduate from North West University.

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Physical address Phone numbers On line
GPS Coordinates
Latitude: 26°36'27.1" S
Longitude: 24°10'33.0" E
079 033 9541 Email
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