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Centre News

About the centre

My name is Botolo M.J.M. the Centre Manager at Vuselela EDSC, popularly known as Pudumong cluster circuit, soon to be called Vuselela Teacher District Support Centre.

The centre is situated next to Pudimoe business area in Matlhako 1 village. This is an institution with a legacy that spans over two decades of selfless contribution towards continued professional teacher development as well as sustainable community empowerment initiatives.

Over the years, we have had some cutting edge programmes and these were realized through various partnership initiatives and commitments. To date, our flagship programmes are:

  1. E-Learning for teacher development whereby we train teachers on IT for curricular implementation and most importantly for teacher development and empowerment
  2. SA-SAMS (South African School Administration System) a powerful programme that encapsulates school administration in all its facets: learners, teachers, finance, time-tabling, (etc.)
  3. IT End User Computing, an accredited computer literacy course based on National Qualifications Framework (NQF) that provides learners with a national qualification certificate. This programme is a full year training.
  4. Basic Computer Literacy (BCL) - this is our in-house non-credit basic computer literacy. It is a six months course that target unemployed youth and school leavers who need some degree on functionality on the IT platform.
  5. Onsite school support- Any school with a computer laboratory is at liberty to approach the centre for training and support at no cost on their part. Usually, a four day training is scheduled and ranges from applications to internet and email creation for teachers.
  6. Continued Professional Teacher Development (CPTD) is our core mandate and involves supporting school based educators with registration on the South African Council for Educators (SACE) website, as well as giving them regular support on this portal.
  7. Web.2 Activist- As a manager I am passionate about the responsible use of computer and internet in education and believe that every school and every teacher should be exposed to what school net, Microsoft and other IT agencies are doing for education.
  8. Generic function- I also assist my department when it comes to recruitment and placement of both educators, Administration Assistants (AAs) as well as SA-SAMS administrators. In this regard, I participate in short listing and interview processes. And in the case of IT posts we set practical tests and evaluate candidates before they go for interviews.
  9. Youth Empowerment- Being involved in the development of youth in the community is something very close to my heart. Thus we participate in almost all initiatives that target youth, especially unemployed youth in our community. We assist them with free career information, as well as free access to our computers to type their resume / curriculum vitae.

In conclusion, the beauty of my job is that by its very nature, it gives me the rare privilege of working with the white collars, the blue collars, the youth, the pensioners, the labourers, everybody and anybody who’s looking for progress in their lives.

And in this blog, we celebrate the learning moments of our time, as teachers, as youth, as municipality worker who come to learn computer literacy.

We love what we do, for we do what we love...!!!


Opening hours

 Monday to Friday from 8h00 - 14h00


Contact the centre

Physical address Phone numbers On line

Matlhako 1 Village
in the vicinity of Pudimoehttps

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P.O. Box 742
Pudimoe 8581


053 995 1010
082 202 3911