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Centre News

About the centre

Mothibistad Science and Teacher centre is situated at Mothibistad Location, surrounded by several villages like Mapoteng, Magojaneng, Seweding, Churchill, Maruping, Bankhara-Bodulong and Kagung.

The Mothibistad location is 15 km to Kuruman town. The centre falls under John Taolo Gaetsewe District, under Gasegonyana Municipality. The centre also services schools that fall under Gamagara municipality and Joe- Morolong municipality.

The centre is the hub of information for both teachers and learners. We support professional development for teachers, and support and enhance curriculum for learners. We also give support to the youth and community at large with ICT training skills.

The centre focuses on addressing professional needs of educators by providing workshops, road shows, outreach programmes and trainings. We also give support to science learners with interactive exhibits, lectures, lesson presentations using curriculum DVD’s, CAPS interactive Videos i.e. Hey-Maths, Hey-Science.

We provide venue facilities for workshops, trainings, and meetings.

The centre manager works closely with curriculum unit to enhance teaching and learning in the district. We provide different programmes and services. Our mandate is to improve quality of teaching and learning. All other units are also on board if need be, to assist by making sure quality education is provided through out.

The centre services 173 schools, primaries, intermediate (middle) and high schools. The furthest school is 280 KM, single trip. We have about ±46 schools that can access the centre easily, as they are not so far.

To harness the potential of ICT as a means of enhancing the school support systems by teaching and learning processes that will enforce compatible community with the demands of the information age.

What is a science centre?
A science centre is an educational facility that uses effective methods to teach science, technology, mathematics and engineer (STEM) subjects. These methods rely mainly on the use of interactive display, events and activities, but the science centre uses new technologies, such as social media, web based education programmes and remote teaching and learning techniques.


  • Promote awareness of science and technology among the community
  • Supplement the school curriculum in science, STEM subjects
  • Stimulate curiosity and inquisitiveness among the youth
  • Promote creativity and innovation
  • Promote an awareness of S.A contributions to science and technology.


  • Science shows, experiments, technology demonstrations
  • Talks, debates, quizzes, and discussions
  • Olympiads and competitions, expos
  • National Science Week (NSW) and science festivals
  • Computer and electronics trainings
  • Techno-youth programme (environmental, sustainable living and recycled and recycling projects)
  • Academic support for school leaner’s in Maths, Science and Technology
  • Career guidance activities and programmes
  • Study and revisions for learners



Teacher development services

  • Provide teacher development programmes on ICT, change leadership, information sharing sessions and utilization of resourcesthat can enhance their teaching approaches.
  • E-learning library support in the centre
  • Coordinates and support curriculum activities
  • Sharing information and access to the resources


  • Internet access to community
  • Outreach programmes for sharing apparatus and information
  • Provide venue for school visit to the centre, educators, department of education and NGO’s
  • Sharing monthly and quarterly reports with the district, and the province.


Opening hours

 Monday to Friday from 7h30 - 16h00


Contact the centre

Physical address Phone numbers On line
1262 Melore Street
Mothibistad 8474
082 937 3826