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lucid chart mp4Lucidchart is an online tool which allows you to create your own flowcharts and mind maps in just a matter of minutes. This platform works well with intricate topics consisting of content or equations which tend to confuse learners and requires a step by step break down.

In this tutorial Tshenolo Menwe shows that this a great tool when teaching “quantitative aspects of chemical change” in Grade 10, where learners need to follow a number of steps to get to the final answer like calculating the empirical formula, percent composition and even basic stoichiometric calculations.

Teachers can use the Lucidchart platform to create flow charts of the steps which need to be taken into consideration before you reach the final calculation. This is done by selecting a shape and arrows from the left side of the screen then dragging and dropping them into the canvas to create the desired flow chart or mind map. Teachers can then turn the lesson into an interactive/collaborative session by sharing the link of the Lucidchart flow chart or mind map with the learners and allowing them to simultaneously edit the canvas and create their own flow charts.

Lucidchart promotes the Howard Gardner (1983) theory of multiple intelligence learning styles. These learning styles include the visual intelligence where learners will learn by seeing the flowchart/mind map and the steps incorporated in it, verbal-linguistic intelligence where the learners will learn by reading and hearing the teacher explain to the them what is in the flowchart/mind map as well as go through the mentioned steps together with them, and lastly intrapersonal intelligence where the learner will learn through creating their own flowchart/mind map on the canvas and attempting to answer the given question


Click to watch the video tutoriaand for more info visit to sign up and start using this platform in your classroom.


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