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Quizlet is an online tool which enables learners to study their school content and assess their knowledge in a number of fun ways. Because Quizlet is a memorisation tool, it is well suited for topics which require learners to memorise and recall terms and definitions like Grade 10 Vectors and Scalars as Tshenolo Menwe demonstrates in this tutorial.

In the tutorial we see how the Quizlet Gravity test drops asteroids with questions to test Vectors and Scalars definitions, how to create your tests and how to easily share it with your learners.
The ways to learn and assess include:

  • Flash cards - Similar to hard copy flash cards, these cards consist of a term on one side and a definition of the other side. Once the learner is shown one side of the card, the learner will say the answer out loud and click on flip to cause the card to flip around and show the correct answer.
  • Learn - A term or definition is shown and the learner must type the term or definition which corresponds to what is shown on the screen. Once the learner has typed their answer, they will get to see is it was correct or not.
  • Gravity - Definitions or terms fall down the screen in the shape of asteroids. The learners are then expected to type as fast as they can, the corresponding answer of the definition or term shown before the asteroid reaches the bottom of the screen.
  •  Write/test - Like assessment tests, learners are required to answer questions in test format which consists of short questions, multiple choice questions, true or false and matching questions.
  • Spell - the term is read out loud by a voiceover from the computer and learners must type in the term they hear with the correct spelling.
  • Match - Learners are presented with a grid of scattered terms and definitions and are expected to match the terms to the correct definitions by dragging either one of them next to the corresponding one. When the two match they disappear from the screen.


Click here to watch the video tutorial and visit to sign up and use this platform in your classroom.


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