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google forms mp4Google Forms offers a great platform for teachers to set diagnostic assessments for their learners in order to determine their strengths and weaknesses on a particular topic and how they can remediate their learning. Teachers can create a test using different questioning methods (multiple choice, short or long questions) and make it more interesting by adding pictures and videos.

In this video tutorial Tshenolo Menwe takes us through how to set up a Google Forms test on Physics Grade 12 topic Photo-electric Effect. This topic perfectly lends itself to this kind of test because it comes with a lot of theory. In the tutorial we’ll see:

  • How to create a test using Google Form and how to invite your colleagues to collaborate
  • How to share the test with your learners and monitor and save their feedback


Click here to watch the video tutorial and visit Google Forms to start creating your own test. The platform comes free with a Google account.


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