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blockerI believe that smartphones and tablets, with internet connectivity and text messaging services could be a source of distraction for students as opposed to a learning tool.

This happened when I was teaching email etiquette in my CAT class. The tablets were new and the learners were much excited about their tablet devices. It was difficult for me to monitor my students to determine whether they are utilizing educational apps on their tablets or visiting social media sites.

That is why I decided to use filtered browsing on the devices to cut down on distractions.

I downloaded ‘Block Site’ from the Chrome Web store ( then I clicked on “Add to Chrome”. The extension was installed to Chrome and its icon displayed on the right of the address bar. In the extension, I clicked on settings, and then I typed the web addresses that I wanted blocked.

In my next lesson with them, learners tried to access their social media webpages and only got an error message. The learners focused on my lesson and soon were engaged in it. 

My tip: Filtered browsing really helped.


Thami, 23, Honours student at the University of Johannesburg in STEM Education.


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