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enviroteach EnviroTeach is a resource for teachers illustrating how environment is integral to all South African schools. All EnviroTeach editions present an overall view of the environment concept and take into account the biophysical, social, political and economic dimensions of each topic. All editions are in alignment with the national curriculum.
Intel Learn for Communities and Entrepreneurs Intel Learn for Communities and Entrepreneurs includes Easy Steps digital literacy and entrepreneurship basics, as well as technology for communities, work and learning.
teaching-tips-small Our range of tips to empower your classroom performance. Current categories include competitions to actively involve learners in various subjects, ICT in the Classroom and Maths & Sciences.
webinars The Mobile Education Webinars are a series of online teacher development seminars for Grade 10-12 Maths and Science teachers. The recorded webinars and accompanying blogs on curriculum related topics can be found on our Webinar pages.